The Barrel House

God made beer because he loves us and wants us to be happy. – Benjamin Franklin

This is where we add a few sentences about the Barrel House and the rest is just place holder text….

In addition to our bestselling House IPA (a modernized version of an old school, Cascade heavy, west coast style IPA), we offer a wide variety of ales and cold fermented lagers: from rich, chewy, malty scotch ales to dry, floral, super hoppy pale ales, and even a cloudy, clove/banana forward Bavarian-style hefeweizen. We also, strangely enough, always have Barleywine on tap and sometimes even two of them.

We started our barrel program in 2012 and have been slowly building it every year since. You’ll find multiple barrel aged sours on our draft list at any given time, and occasionally some whiskey barrel aged beers as well. Bottling our sour and whiskey barrel aged beers have become a focus in recent years. We keep the cooler behind the bar stocked with delicious and strange new offerings throughout the seasons.

Collaborative brews with friends all over the NorthWest are near and dear to our hearts as we have 20 taps to fill and we are a tiny brewery in the woods. It gets lonely out here (not really, it’s usually too busy).