“Snow in Forecast…”

…the heading in yesterday’s Bellingham Herald.  I thought… really? Summer dragged its feet and now Fall has shuffled off without a nod!  This cold front cold- cocked me..open handed. Wasn’t I still planting the ‘final’ touches to my Summer garden?

Driving down Mt. Baker Highway today, I experienced a strange association with ‘Heavy Metal’ : pewter skies, gold casts and burnished coppers.  

Getting out of my car, the fog caressed my face, clung to my neckline and slithered up my sleeves. Ahhh, there it is, Fall hit the sweet spot today. 

At work we love Fall.  Brewers and cooks love the temperature(it’s always summer in a brewery or kitchen) and  later opening hours helps us adjusts to slower traffic and our slower mornings. Can you believe how dark it is at 8:00am?

Today, threw some stock on for soup and  Eric, our brewer is transferring and brewing, guaranteeing a Scotch -replete Winter.  

Fall… it’s a lovely ride, full of surprises.  Do I see sun?  .  




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