The Pizzeria

Our crusts are made daily with specialty flour, olive oil, and of course, beer – creating a thin but toothy product. Sauce is seriously prepared with fresh spices ensuring a perfect balance of spice and tomato flavor. We hand toss and dress our pizzas with the finest and freshest cheeses, meats and specialty toppings. Loving care and centrifugal skill is evident when our pie hits your plate.

Pies are available in generous 12-13″ and 18-19″ sizes (hey, they’re hand-tossed, already), and our pie-by-the slice is just the thing for smaller appetites, or noncommittal diners. For those who insist on Gluten Free options, we now offer a 9″ Gluten Free crust crafted by Bellingham Flatbread Bakery. Check our Weekend Specials for a special treat.

They may make them better on the East Coast, but hey, who wants to travel to anywhere but Deming for a slice of pie? For those tomato-phobes, we now offer an olive oil – garlic brushed crust as well. We complement traditional pizza fare with local favorites, such as: Wild Smoked Salmon Salad and Spicy Ale Steamers, and not-so-local delicacies such as East Coast Grinders.

Just desserts? We think you deserve them! We’d be happy to plate a generous slab of our Death By Chocolate Gluten Free Torte or The County’s famous Peanut Butter Pie from our neighbors at Wake n Bakery in Glacier. . We also provide seasonal specials as our whim dictates.