About Us

It is difficult to write a page ‘about us’ with out mentioning just how difficult that really is. We
are all familiar with the bio and clip picture that you see hoping to capture the interest of its
readers… We will have none of that!

As experienced web browsers, we will refrain from insulting your intelligence by adding in all the trivial details of the years of hard work, loyalty, money and sweat.

Suffice to say that:
Sandy and Vicki Savage always dreamed of having a brewpub that would house their beer
collection. The place (or sacred space) they created required numerous tries, trials and
friends before they opened their doors in beautiful suburban Deming in December 1997,
now home of Whatcom County’s first and only Beer Shrine. Sandy Savage is a graduate of Seibel Brewing Technology’s Class of 1989 and a former head brewer at Triple Rock Brewery in Berkeley, CA. He was the original brewer for our operation and developed most of the recipes currently in use. Sandy designed the brewing system to be dedicated to true-to-style British Ales. He keeps close watch to ensure brewing integrity.

Vicki Savage is in charge of the front-house operations, who, with the assistance of a small staff of servers, combines 22 years of customer service and restaurant experience in assuring your visit is comfortable, friendly and fun.

Eric Jorgensen has been in charge of Brewery Operations since 2000. Eric started in our kitchen and has years of home brew experience. Today, he monitors day-to-day brewing operations and quality control. It’s a labor of love, sheer will and creativity.

Kreg Pressley, our Kitchen Manager, joined us in 1999 and manages often-hectic kitchen
operations with the assistance of our trained kitchen professionals. It’s a labor of patience,
inspiration and endurance.

Our staff is on a fast-track to sainthood!