The North Fork Brewery

Our pub features hand-crafted beers, barleywines, sours, lagers and of course, our wonderful pizza!

A visit to our humble shrine is just the ticket to round out your visit to the Mt. Baker Recreation or Ski Areas. Our pub is just a short drive from Bellingham on Scenic Mt. Baker Highway 542. Whether snowboarding, skiing, eagle watching, hiking or sightseeing, we’re a quick jog from the Canadian Border and a not-so-quick, yet scenic pilgrimage from Seattle.

Find out for yourself why our restaurant has been selected “Editors Choice” in Best Places ™ Northwest.

Our brewery produces beer in the time-honored, time-intensive style of British Ales, Barrel-aged Belgian style Sours and Lagers, light and black. Our small batches (109 gallons) are hand transferred from fermentation to conditioning and on to serving tanks or oak barrels where they are served directly in our tap room, ensuring a fresh pint every pint.

As improbable as it seems, we also perform weddings and holy unions, but don’t expect the typical alter and arbor, this is a beer shrine and all places are sacred.

The North Fork is a casual, comfortable place to enjoy a pint, pizza or the company of friends and family. Our rustic atmosphere and friendly service will convert you to the growing thousands of North Fork regulars.